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July 27, 2015 


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Welcome to Pets Frolic Inn... A Place for Pets! All kinds of pets - dogs, cats, birds! We hope you will take a good look around and discover that we are so much more than a boarding kennel. In addition to our farm-style bed & breakfast with spacious accommodations for your pets, we also have a state-of-the-art doggie daycare, grooming available, for your pets and don't forget our Hitch-a-Ride Pet Pickup Service! Pets Frolic Inn wants to be a part of your community, so please check out our events page and join us and take advantage of some of the free events we have while socializing with other pet-lovers.

So take a good look around and then give us a call... or better yet come and see us! Our pets do so much to enrich our lives... we've created the Pets Frolic Inn to help you enrich theirs!

Francine and Family  Francine ...
with love also from Shadow and Tia


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