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Pets Frolic Inn Bed & Breakfast
A Place for Pets.... to stay!
Air-conditioned indoor kennels and huge outdoor runs give your dogs the maximum amount of comfort, exercise, and fresh air. Don't forget we also accommodate cats, birds, and all your exotic pets... Let them enjoy their vacations as much as you do!

Pets Frolic Inn Doggie Day Camp
A Place for Pets.... to play!
With an air-conditioned indoor play area and large, beautiful outdoor play space your dog will get individual attention from our loving Pets Frolic Inn staff, as well as great socialization with their canine buddies! Don't let your dog sit on the couch all day while you work waiting for you to come home. Let us give them exercise, fresh air and lots of love! Even just one day a week will make a huge difference in the quality of life for your best friend...

Pets Frolic Inn Bath & Spa
A Place for Pets.... to be pampered!
From a quick nail trim, to a full spa expierence ( including bath, ears, and nails ) your dog will be pampered in all seasons. Spa appointments are available anytime, even while you are away. Just give us a call!

Hitch-a-Ride Pet Pickup Service
A Place for Pets.... to ride!
Running late? Can't make it back before six? Can't wait to see your pals when you get back from vacation? Or just don't want to brave the weather.... we can pick up or drop off your pets at you door any time!!! One way or round trip, book in advance... we are here for your convenience!

(925) 634-4431
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