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We’ve all seen that look — the face our dog makes when we leave the house and they are not coming…. We’ve seen that other look too when we come home! Now I remember why I love my dog!!! But what does your dog do in between? Are they happy & busy, playing with toys? Or are they sleeping and waiting on the couch, in their bed or sitting just behind the door? Our dogs do so much to enrich our lives, but our lives are so busy today!!! Work, kids, sports, family… the list never ends! Why not give your dog a treat? Let them come and play with us – they will have exercise, make friends, enjoy the great outdoors and have time indoors as well. Even just one day a week will make such a difference for your best friend… and if you have a hard time dropping them off on your way to work… don’t forget our Hitch-a-Ride Pet Pickup Service – door-to-door one way or round trip… we’ll pick them up!

Pets Frolic Inn Doggie Day Camp has both a large, climate controlled indoor area for rest time, snack time and playing in inclement weather. In addition, our large outdoor area features space to run and play with their new furry pals and the loving staff at Pets Frolic Inn. .

Don’t forget that our guests at the Pets Frolic Inn Bed & Breakfast can also participate in day camp for a reduced fee for any number of days during their stay…

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