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We wish we could take our pets with us whenever we travel, but sometimes it's just not possible… and some of the time we wonder if they are happy when we are busy during the day… Our bed & breakfast gives your pets a safe place and comfortable place to stay with a strong emphasis on exercise.

A Place for Dogs… at the Pets Frolic Inn Bed & Breakfast. Not only will your dogs have a comfortable, roomy air-conditioned place to stay, but our huge outdoor runs give your dog an unprecedented amount of exercise in individual runs. Weather permitting, your dogs are outside all day long – not for 15 minutes twice a day!

A Place for Cats... at the Pets Frolic Inn Bed & Breakfast. Our private cat room accommodates our furry friends in individual spaces with their own food, water and litter boxes, with a view outside and sunshine from several large windows. In addition, all cats are rotated in the indoor play space where they can scratch and play on our scratching posts and carpeted cat condos.

A Place for Birds… all kinds of birds!!! Birds love company, especially parrots. Leave them with us for extra interaction and care from our staff.

Don’t forget our doggie guests have the option of participating in the Pets Frolic Inn Doggie Day Camp play time for additional socialization and interaction with our amazing staff and other furry friends. Also checkout our other services: Pets Frolic Inn Bath & Spa, and our Hitch-a-Ride Pet Pickup Service.

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